What Does PHP Do? [#3] Code Dynamic Websites with PHP

Lecture 3: What does PHP do?

PHP can do a whole bunch of really neat things, such as:

Access information typed into a web form and do something with it, like:

Send an email, navigate to a specific page based on the info submitted in the form, create a user account, log a user in, etc.

Find out what browser and operating system your visitors are using.

Display alternate versions of a web page to users who are using mobile devices, or specific browsers (like Internet Explorer).

Do math!

And most importantly (in my opinion), create templates for your website so you don’t have to hand-code your headers, footers, and sidebars for every single page!

There is so much that PHP can do, but I don’t want to go into all the details right now, because I’d like to show you by jumping right in — I think it’s much more fun that way!

Next up: You’re going to need to have some specific tools in order to get the best out of your PHP learning experience. I’ll cover those in the next lecture.

See you there!




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