Baby Panda Play & Learn New Words about all Surroundings – Educational BabyBus Kids Game Compilation

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Kids Play & Learn New Words about Animals, Food, Vehicles and Home Appliances with Baby Panda – Animated Stickers – All Themes | Also including Antonyms & Contrast Words Fun BabyBus Educational Games For Children For Children, Baby’s and Preschoolers

Our little PANDA wants you to learn new words! He has been WORKING HARD and this is the cute result:
Animated stickers!

Game was created by BabyBus and can be downloaded and played here:

Children hear contrasting word all the time, and they need to see them put into play. Have them try out Antonyms by BabyBus! They will learn new words and use them in the correct way!

Game can be downloaded and played here:



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