Kadhal Kottai – Full Movie | Ajith, Devayani, Heera | Deva | Super HIt Romantic Movie

Kamali (Devyani) comes to Chennai for an interview. While on her return journey, she loses her purse to a pickpocket and with it, all her certificates and money. She somehow reaches her home in Ooty. Surya (Ajithkumar) happens to travel on the same coach when he goes to Jaipur from Chennai. He finds Kamali’s purse and sends it to Kamali via courier. Kamali, upon her sister’s advise, writes to Surya a letter of thanks for which Surya again sends a reply. Both start keeping in touch via letter with each other. After some time, both develop a liking towards each other and fall in love without meeting each other personally. Their love is put to test before they meet each other.

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