Integrate SSLCommerz payment gateway with Laravel 7 – Easy method (2020)

SSLCommerz is a Bangladeshi and most popular payment gateway system. You can easily make payments through this service with their amazing API. In this video, there is a detailed explanation, how you can integrate any Laravel application with SSLCommerz.

0:00 – What is SSLCommerz
1:13 – Making the files ready
4:53 – Implementing the API
8:26 – Creating a sandbox account
10:16 – Creating orders table
14:12 – Checking it works or not and fix a bug
16:40 – Our first successful payment (popup/easy payment)
17:58 – Our second successful payment (hosted)
19:06 – Understanding the API workflow(hosted)
22:14 – Making payment dynamic(hosted)
5:20 – Understanding success and failed URL(common for hosted and popup)
27:36 – Understanding the API and making payment dynamic (Popup/EasyPayment with ajax) | The tricky one
34:34 – Outro

I hope it helps, if you find any kind of problem regarding this or any question. feel free to contact me on any platform.

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