WordPress Update 4.9.6 – It’s The WordPress GDPR Tools Update We’ve All Been Waiting For

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Wordpress Update 4.9.6 – It’s The WordPress GDPR Tools Update We’ve All Been Waiting For https://youtu.be/XC3g6CO4FzY

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This WordPress Update contains new WordPress GDRP tools to help you with compliance.

This was a rushed release, so there will probably be more updates coming for this.

The GDPR compliance tools include a privacy policy creator if you don’t have one. It will include some text that you need to update.

You’ll also have to include the data that individual plugins collect. In addition, you will now have the ability to send all the data your website has about any user on the site by entering their email address into a simple form.

Then, just as simply you can delete all their data if you are asked to do so. I walk through all of it in this tutorial.

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