WordPress Tutorials: How to add images to the body of your WordPress blog post

Hello it’s Asher here to give you a WordPress Tutorial about how to add images/ photos to your blog body.

So we come to the dashboard of http://www.galaxyninja.com and go “Add New Media” but before adding new media you have to decide the size you want for your image and shrink it. An easy way to do this is by using http://resizr.com.

The next step is to choose the file and upload. You are taken to the image library of the wordpress blog back office where all your images are stored. Then you’ll go “Add New Post” – like before you should choose a good title and make sure your keywords are there.

I want to add an image to the body of my blog post so I clicked on the little icon that says “Add an Image.” I click on sombrero galaxy which is the image I want and then we’re presented with a screen that allows us to add alt (alternate) text which is what Google sees and also it gives you the option of image size, image position and if you want a caption for the image you can add it here.

Then hit “Insert into Post” and you’re done – Good Luck!

This video was brought to you by GalaxyNinja.com



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