Why Coding is Not Web Design!

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When people ask me how to become a web designer my first instinct is to tell them to learn HTML coding, but that is actually wrong. To become a web designer, you have to actually be a designer, other wise you are just someone who builds websites instead of “designs websites”.

Design is a bout visual problem solving, so if you don’t know typography, layout and color theory and you just do coding, you’re not really a designer at all, you haven’t designed anything.

You have to balance technical skills with visual and creative skills to be a good web designer and deliver the solutions clients need.

It doesn’t matter if you use HTML code or Adobe Muse or WordPress or Square Space to make a website, the important thing is that you are delivering a web site that the client needs and fits their audience, not your preferences.

If you understand that, then you are a real web designer and will have no problems. If its beyond you and you can only do coding or your are only a designer, its okay, partner with someone who brings the skills you don’t to the table.

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