What is RVU Medical Coding 101?

What is RVU Medical Coding 101?

Laureen: We are trying to get some general questions to help people that are preparing for the CPC Exam, and there’re about six to ten questions that are very generic and have a little bit to do with reimbursement, and this is one of the topics. It’s covered very well in books like Carol Buck’s “Step-by-Step Medical Coding,” so hopefully that will help you here.

Q: This is one of the questions: “The higher the code the higher the RVU? Can you explain the value?” And they gave a couple examples here in the in the 40,000 range of CPT; so 5.87 versus 0.80.

A: Obviously, one is worth more than the other, and I wasn’t planning on doing this, but let’s just do a quick look up in FindACode. That’s just one of our many favorite online encoders. Let me pull that over for you… I’m going to keep it just a little bit over the side, so I can see the code.

Alicia: Very talented.

Laureen: A little slow. I’m off my game tonight guys, bear with me.

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