What Is PHP? | Introduction to PHP Programming | Learn PHP Programming

What is PHP?PHP stands for hypertext pre-processor. PHP allows you to create dynamic web pages, PHP is a server-side programming language and it is a scripted programming language.

What this means is when you are sitting at your computer and you open a web browser and you go to a web server if that web server calls a PHP script this script in its entirety is run on the server itself and then the results from that script are sent to your web browser to your client. It is a scripted programming language what this means is that the programs are not compiled they are created a simple ASCII text editor and interpreter is installed on the web server and then when the script is called that text file is read by the interpreter on the server and that is to it’s turned into the programming language to do whatever the program says.

Finally this is a great cross platform programming language and what this means is it can work on Windows servers to work on Linux servers and can even work on Mac OS X servers so you can use PHP on IIS and on Apache web server is to create dynamic websites.
With standard HTML webpages basically what you see is what you get everything has to be hand coded if there are any changes with PHP you are allowed to create interactive websites, so from HTML you’ll be able to send emails you’ll be able to read and write to files and you’ll be able to read and write to MySQL and other types of databases.

Essentially what happens is when you go to a web page with your web browser that will be created in HTML now if you go to a web page with an HTML form that HTML form will point to a PHP script so if it asks for your name, if it asks for your email address, if it ask for any information that information will be sent to a PHP script and then that PHP script will be able to send that information out either as an email will be able to save it into a file or it will be able to save it into a data base.

PHP can also read from files and data bases and dynamically write HTML code to create dynamic HTML web pages.

PHP is used to create dynamic web pages this allows you to use HTML to be able to write the files write the databases write the email it allows you to pull information from files or databases and write that into HTML code. The reason that I suggest most people use PHP is it is relatively easy language to learn if you’re in new programmer and the PHP interpreter is on almost every single web single webserver that’s ever been deployed onlike Ruby on Rails are some of the other web programming languages.

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