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Learn “How to design a Transparent Login Form using HTML and CSS only.”

So guys in this video, you’ll learn how to create a transparent Login form (Glass Effect) in Html and css.

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Short Video Summery/Transcription.
01) How to make contact form transparent using HTML and CSS?
02) How to make input transparent in HTML,CSS?
03) How to change placeholder’s color in HTML?
04) How to set a background image on 100 %?
05) How to make Glass Effect in html so we can see the background too?

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So I am sure that your query like :w-
– How to make glass like effect?
– How to make div transparent in HTML,CSS?
– How to make contact form like glass in html,css?
– How to make div less visible ?
– How to set Opacity of the div tag in HTML?

has been solved.

I hope you’ve understood the basic concept of making a div tag transparent using HTML,CSS. if you have any problem related with
this video then please comment below.
Thanks for watching “How to make contact form transparent using HTML,CSS”.

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