Speed Coding: Pong in C++ AND Java | Which is Better?

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Today I take on the challenge of coding the classic arcade game, Pong, in both C++ and Java continuously. I then conclude an opinion on what I personally think which language is better for simple game programming.

I know the code was very sloppy, as I was just going as fast as possible (kind of). Also, a good portion of the Java code was the setters and getters of the classes, which wasn’t added in C++, so the amount of code were similar. However, I felt like coding in C++ was more organized than Java.

C++ Programming starts at 0:28
JAVA Programming starts at 9:44
Final results start at 16:11
C++ w/ SFML Library on Visual Studio 2012
VS2012: www.visualstudio.com/
SFML: www.sfml-dev.org/

Java using JCL default library on Eclipse
Eclipse: www.eclipse.org/

Music :
Ivan B – She Gotta Stay
Hoodie Allen – The Chase is on lyrics
Ivan B – What’s The Plan
Ivan B – About You (Prod. Tido Vegas)
Ivan B – You’ll Be Alright (Prod. Tido Vegas)



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