Sitejet – Building a Website In 25 Minutes With (Almost) No Coding

Turn on subtitles for additional information.

Sitejet: Building a Website in 25 minutes with almost no coding

In this video we are going to show you a step-by-step process on how to create a website in Sitejet without any knowledge in coding HTML, CSS or JS.

This is real time speed! We are working with dummy text for the most part and make heavy use of Sitejet’s built-in hotkey features.

Turn on subtitles to see the hotkeys we used and more detailed explainations.

The only CSS we include is importing Google Fonts, which is actually optional. We like to demonstrate that you can build entire pages without coding anything, but we want to emphasize that you can edit and create basically anything by using our powerful HTML, SCSS and JS editors.

Code will be produced by Sitejet automatically when using presets. You can access and edit this code at any time in any way you need.

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