Should I Learn PHP or JavaScript First?

Should I learn PHP or JavaScript first?

Unless you have to learn PHP right now for your job, it should be one of the last things you learn. Don’t learn it unless you should.

I’m trying to learn what I should learn now.

Javascript is a client-side language with a lot of use in building apps. PHP is a server side language that is really only used when you have to connect to a database.

I heard that Javascript generates more jobs but PHP is better paying.

Javascript is a more forgiving programming language, used mostly for web browsers. More people work with JavaScript and jQuery, so greater supply decreases wages a degree.

Which one is harder to learn?

Neither is harder to learn. But if you study JavaScript, you should go over jQuery, too.

I only want to learn one programming language.

Do you know anyone writing in Basic or Fortran anymore? Even if you just learn PHP, you’ll probably have to learn a new language in a few years.

PHP is in major demand right now. It is even used to host Facebook and WordPress.

PHP is used almost everywhere, since it runs on every type of hosting server.

I heard PHP lets you do a lot more done on the server, compared to JavaScript.

If you learn JavaScript first, you can get work designing JavaScript applications while you continue learning about PHP for enterprise wide, server based apps.

That would probably overload my limited mind.

Their syntax is similar.

But they are totally different languages.

True, as are the job markets. PHP is for back end web developers, in which case, you probably ought to learn SQL, too.

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