Robotics with Python Raspberry Pi and GoPiGo Introduction

Learning to program robots is both rewarding and challenging. The aim with this tutorial series is to make programming and robotics as simple and enjoyable as possible. We do this with the Python programming language, which is extremely user-friendly, as well as using the GoPiGo framework. The GoPiGo, which started as a kickstarter, is a framework built to work with the Raspberry Pi as a robotics framework. Setting up and building your Robot with this is extremely simple and fast, without any soldering required.

You will learn how to build and program your very own robot in this series.

Tutorial Playlist:

Sample code and text-based version:

The GoPiGo kit itself:

…which comes with the frame, motors, wheels, gopigo board, and battery pack. Then you’ll need a

Raspberry Pi Model B:

You will also need an SD card with at least 4gb of space, but I had a 4gb SD card that still didn’t have enough remaining space after a format, so you should get at least 8.

wifi dongle:

From here, everything else is optional. We’ll be using all of these things, but you can just skip the parts if you don’t want to splurge for them all.

Distance sensor: if you have jumper wires

…you can either get a basic one for about 5 dollars, or you can get once from Dexter Industries, which comes with the cable and wiring it is slightly easier:

The distance sensor is useful to train the robot to not run into walls.

Raspberry Pi Camera:

This is so our robot and see things other than just finding distances.

If you want the servo package, you can get that:

The servo package will let you look around a bit with your distance sensor and camera.

Finally, if you want the missile launcher, that can be found:

This will let you wage war.



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