Python Tutorial v3.2.5 Lesson 10 – Random Number Generation and Importing Modules

2:33 Click to skip the Introduction to Lesson 10.

Lesson 10 covers the steps necessary to generate random numbers. In order to accomplish this, the import statement is introduced and paired with the random module. Then, three major functions from the random module are discussed: random.randint(), random.randrange(), and random.random(). These will be used in the Guess the Number game and are important skills for game development later.

This is an introductory series of Python tutorials. This course, from start to finish, is designed to help someone who has never programmed before learn the basics of coding in Python. As this series continues, we examine more advanced Python techniques, functions, and methods.

You can download a copy of Python from

Keep in mind this tutorial is using an older version of Python, v3.2.5. You will need to click on the “View Older Releases” button to use this specific version. Using the newer versions will not be an issue at this point, but when the lesson proceeds to basic graphics, the Pygame Module we’ll use does not support v3.3+ at this time.



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