PHP vs Python – Which to Learn ?

#Best Python Book:

PHP Programming is the King of Web Programming Language and Facebook is Build in PHP.
But The Story Not Stop Here, Many Open Source Software is Also Written in PHP Like CMS WordPress, Drupal , Joomla , Python Web-Framework , Magento, Django , Flask.

Most of the Jobs for a Web Devloper’s are in PHP So PHP Developer,s and PHP Engineer’s are in Huge Demand for Build Small Business Websites and Web Applications Use PHP With MySQL Database to Store the Data.

But Do Not Get Me Wrong for Python Because Python is More Easier to Learn and It Have Tons of Amazing Free Courses Available on the Internet. So You Can Start With This Course:

Some More Free Training Material’s to Get Started With Learning Python
#Intro to Computer Science with Python–cs101

#Programming Foundations with Python–ud036

#Python Computing from RICE

Python Can Also Be for Data Science and Which Lead to the Role of Data Analyst

The Downside of Python is Python Developers are Not in Huge Demand When Comparing to PHP Developers So If You Want to Get a Job than I Will Say Learn PHP or If You Want to Build an Start-Up or an Desktop So Go With Python Programming Language Python Can Be Use to Build Cross-Platform Desktops Apps.

For Using Python for Web Development than You Need to Use Python Web-Framework Like Django or Flask.

If You Choose PHP or Python You Can’t Go Wrong With It.
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