PHP in 2019 – Let's talk about it

PHP is one of the most used programming languages over the internet. but when comes to 2019 and impression of NodeJS and Django (modern framework and libraries), it is common to see that PHP is dying in 2019.

But that’s not the case. PHP is still rocking and one of the favorite combinations for developers is PHP + MySQL.
To learn PHP there should be a plan of action. First, learn HTML CSS and make 4-5 projects. Then move to PHP basics. After then move to MySQL basics. After that learn PDO also.
Then you can move to frameworks as well. Most common ones are laravel and symfony. Symfony is mostly used in industries and easy to learn.
If you want to jump into the freelancer market, then you might want to start with WordPress. WordPress customization is essential such a theme development, theme editing, plugin development. These are most asked services in the freelancing market.

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