Part 11 – “Create” function and Forms in Laravel [How to Build a Blog with Laravel 5 Series]

Our two main goals of this video are to get the “Create” action of our CRUD working and to get blade forms set up as well so we can easily build and manage forms in our views using the blade templating engine.

Now in past versions of Laravel (version 4 and earlier) we had built in access to form helpers in our views. However in all the infinite wisdom of the developers behind the Laravel project, they have decided that it will not be included going forward.

We can still use form helpers, but we will need to bring the code in ourselves. There is a website called “Laravel Collective” who has worked to maintain these missing code snippets for us so we can still load them and use them in our projects.

Go to their website and follow the instructions to get it up and running. We first need to add this to composer.json and then run the “composer update” command. After that we must add it as a provider and give it an alias in our config / app.php file.

Once we have this done, we can start using the Form class. These are the methods we use in this tutorial.

1.Form::label(‘id’, ‘value’)
2.Form::text(‘name’, ‘value’, [options])
3.Form::textarea(‘name’, ‘value’, [options])
4.Form::submit(‘value’, [options])

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