Ozobots Bit and Evo: Smart Robots That Teach Coding and Creativity

Get a breakdown of Ozobot’s award-winning smart robot toys from a trusted source: a 6th grade teacher! Ozobots are already used in 2,000 classrooms nationwide to teach coding and inspire creativity in all ages.

Ozobot Bit is the world’s smallest programmable robot toy, measuring in at just 1 cubic inch. Bit uses optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes—short color code sequences—drawn with markers and paper. Kids can also use the OzoBlockly web editor to drag and drop blocks of code and create programs for Bit. The Ozobot Bit Starter Pack comes with over 20 games and STEM activities.

Learn more about Ozobot Bit: http://ozobot.com/products/ozobot-bit

The all-new Ozobot Evo is a smart and social robot that teaches kids to code while connecting them with friends. Evo entertains right out of the box with an expressive language of sounds, LED lights and a little bit of attitude. The bot uses proximity sensors to avoid obstacles, and optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes. Like Bit, Evo can also be programmed with the OzoBlockly block-based programming language. Finally, Evo is an app-enabled robot. Download the free Ozobot Evo app to take control in Drive Mode, chat with friends and send or receive Ozojis—emoticons that Evo acts out.

Learn more about Ozobot Evo: http://ozobot.com/products/ozobot-evo

Shop Ozobot Evo: https://shop.ozobot.com/collections/all-new-ozobots

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