NYU Florence: The 2014 Midterm Results: What Can We Learn?

NYU Florence
La Pietra Dialogues

What were the biggest surprises during the 2014 election cycle? As expected, the Republicans gained control of the Senate and picked up seats in the House. However, the media and pollsters misjudged the decisiveness of the Republican victory and completely missed covering some close races altogether. Was this a “wave” election? Was this midterm similar in result to other midterms in a second term presidency?

Moderator: Steve McMahon, Co-founder of Purple Strategies, LLC and Democratic strategist and public affairs consultant
Maria Cino, Vice President for the Americas, Government Relations, Hewlett-Packard Company
Todd Harris, Media and communications strategist for Senator Marco Rubio and other top Republican elected officials
Kiki McLean, Leading public affairs and political strategist and veteran of six presidential campaigns including the historic 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign
Stephanie Cutter, Founding partner of Precision Strategies, CNN contributor, and former Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama 2012




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