New “Article” blocks – Mobirise HTML Page Creator v1.8

Mobirise HTML Page Builder v1.8:

* New “Article” blocks with many text, image and video elements
* New floating “Block Parameters” panel
* Added extended toolbar for text editor (activated for some article blocks)

Managing and Publishing Multiple Websites
If you have multiple websites or niches in need of producing, or are ready to expand into other websites, then Mobirise can also help you with this just as easily as page management. The process is the same as Page builder but instead of clicking Pages, you would click Sites, and then Create New Site (instead of Create New Page), providing yet again another simple innovation to avoid the confusion from multi-site management. After you have created your new sites, they will all appear on the Mobirise interface, allowing a quick and easy approach to managing your multiple sites at once. Multi-tasking is key to making a living online, and Mobirise implements this in spades, allowing users to quickly change from one website to the next, while keeping ALL your customers happy!

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