Migrate WordPress.com to WordPress.org – From Hosted to Self-Hosted Blog

** 01-11-2018 announcement ** — I’m looking for someone that needs this done for free. I need to update this video and if you would like me to do this for you, please get in touch with me ASAP.

To be eligible, you must purchase your hosting from one of these companies:


Get hosting here: http://oglink.it/inmotion then contact me here: http://oglink.it/og

http://notagrouch.com/moving-from-wordpress-com-to-wordpress-org/ Migrating your wordpress.com website to your own self-hosted WordPress blog should be simple. – Also, see the special discount on hosting in this description or the blog post.

Here are a quick tutorial and walkthrough on migrating a blog hosted by wordpress.com to your own hosting. In this case, we use the XML export and import feature built into WordPress and we deal with wordpress.com and a standard shared hosting account.



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