Matthew Campbell: Game Programming for Education in JavaScript – JSConf.Asia 2015

Ever want to make your own games? One weekend I decided to make a Thai typing game. This talk is my journey through building a game in JavaScript from scratch to releasing it into the AppStore. Then making native desktop versions of the game. Check this talk if your interested in gaming for education or just general game development programming in JavaScript.

Matthew builds JavaScript games for fun at night and during day he builds one page JavaScript apps with GO backends. He was a founder of Errplane and Langfight. Right now he is the lead for the largest Financial Instant Messenger at Thomson Reuters called EikonMessenger. He recently presented at GopherCon India, you can see the video and other blog posts of his on his homepage. Matthew also works on a book about Microservices in GO.

SVG is weird. It looks somehow familiar and can be handled similarly but it has its distinct differences and purpose from the technologies you know, like HTML and CSS. In this talk I want to share my experiences getting started, embedding and using SVG in modern web applications.

Seb is a frontend fanatic hailing from Belgium. He now lives in Singapore where he helps startups build browser-whipping web apps at and hosts the Front End Developers Singapore (FEDS) meetup.

JSConf.Asia – Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore – 19 November 2015.


License: For reuse of this video under a more permissive license please get in touch with us. The speakers retain the copyright for their performances.



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