Man Ignored Warning Signs Outside Dark Cave. He Called The Police After Discovering THIS Inside.

10 Scariest Holes That Have Terrifying Pasts.
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Have you ever seen a hole in the ground that was so ominous-looking that it left you wanting to know more about it? Some holes have been around since ancient times and are full of history. Take the Sac Uayum cenote, for example, this watering hole in Mexico was used by the Maya civilization as a burial ground for plague victims. Since it’s filled with ancient bones, the locals are too terrified to go near it. They even believe the cenote to be guarded by a legendary snake creature. There’s also a drain hole located in the basement of Bobby Mackey’s Music World, in Kentucky, that some believe goes straight to the underworld. If you’re intrigued, check out this video. While the legends and history behind them might make you want to visit them, you’re probably better off staying far, far away. You wouldn’t want to end up like President William McKinley did after he visited the Devil’s Hole.

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