Lo-Dash and JavaScript Performance Optimizations – John-David Dalton

More about SeattleJS: http://meetup.com/seattlejs/ Our videos are sponsored by Zillow. Want to become a JavaScript problem-solver at Zillow? Keep reading:

Zillow is looking for a pragmatic JavaScript engineer to join their velocity team–a free-floating group that tackles the hardest technology problems in the company and helps Zillow move faster. This engineer will embed with a product team (around 8 people) tackling a difficult problem, propose a solution drawn from years of experience and best practices, and work with the team to implement it. And then jump to the next problem.

What sort of problems? Zillow is HUGE. With 89M people using it each *month* to explore more than 100M homes, speed, scale, and accessibility are vitally important. It’s an enormous surface area covering everything from optimizing rendering times to modernizing legacy code to laying the foundation for the next 10-years of JavaScript at Zillow.

The ideal candidate will have at least 5-years of experience working on large-scale products, a broad and thoughtful understanding of JavaScript best practices, and a nuanced approach to solving problems. The position is in Zillow’s downtown Seattle office–steps from Pike Place–and offers top-notch perks (http://www.zillow.com/jobs/seattle-office/).

Sound interesting? Of course it does.

Apply at http://www.zillow.com/jobs/openings?j=o4aiZfwf and tell them SeattleJS sent you!



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