Live Coding a JavaScript Poll App with Chris and Alex (1/2)

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My Sequelize course
My shell aliases:
My friend Jerrie from ProCoder’s Postman course:

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For your convince, here are some timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
01:49 Initializing Git
02:32 Creating npm package.json
02:49 Setting up ESLint
04:17 Setting up Babel
07:30 Setting up a simple Express server
08:38 Setting up Nodemon npm script
10:11 Connecting to MySQL via Sequelize
12:50 Installing the Babel parser for ESLint
13:57 Setting up a one-to-many relationship between the poll and poll option tables
19:22 Creating the MySQL database via the MySQL command-line tool
20:54 Creating the poll controller
21:24 Handling poll submissions
29:48 Handling poll queries
33:10 Creating the vote controller
33:17 Setting up the vote model
35:47 Debugging the vote model
37:14 Handling vote submissions
39:58 Including votes in the poll query response
41:39 Coding a more efficient way to query poll votes
43:31 Prevent users from voting on the same poll more than once based on their remote IP
51:28 Creating an error handler middleware function
54:00 Setting up Chalk
54:56 Basic input validation
56:43 Uploading the code to GitHub
58:22 Conclusion

▼ Attribution ▼

Intro inspiration by Mackenzie Child

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Twitter and GitHub icons provided free by Freepik form

Link icon provided free by Dave Gandy from via

Special thanks to Cruor ( and Yngve Olsen Ranestad ( who helped me with a SQL query when preparing for this video.



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