Line Coding in Urdu and Hindi


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What is line coding?
What is NRZ?
What is Unipolar coding?
What is polar coding?
What is Bipolar coding?
What is manchester coding?
What is AMI?
Line coding types?
Which is line coding good?
Line coding in Urdu and Hindi?

Line Coding
Line coding a technique to convert digital data into a digital signal.

Data Element.

Signal Element.

A signal element is the shortest element of the signal.

DE is the person and SE is the carrier

Data rate/Bitrate.

Data elements send in one second. The unit is bit/sec.

Signal rate/Baud rate.

DC Component



It has only one polarity waveform


It has two polarity waveform (+ve and -ve)


It has three level voltage waveform (+ve, 0V and -ve)

Non-Return to Zero NRZ

NRZ waveform only traces the +ve and -ve peaks.

It has two further classes

In NRZ-L, the voltage levels tell the bit information.

In NRZ-I, The change in pattern tells the bit information.

Return to Zero RZ



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