LEARN to swim FREESTYLE / Front Crawl in 3 Steps *Tutorial for BEGINNERS Kids or Adults

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Swimming Lessons & Online Program for kids | Adults | Beginners | Advance | Aquaphobia & more…

EASY * SAFE * FAST * EFFECTIVE | from 2 Years old
SWIM Water Safe | Freestyle | Backstroke | Breaststroke | Butterfly

SWIM to Fly ® by Christian Anseaume | Proven Step by Step Swimming Method and TM Reg No T14137442 * All rights Reversed

SwimtoFly Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3HJ2_w2iFwRCKLhoaIVn-g?src_vid=M-5A4N8aHYU&annotation_id=546507f1-0000-2dff-9f5f-001a1142050e&feature=iv

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