Learn Swift 3.0 & Xcode 8 (Part 1 – Swift Basics)

In this video series I will teach you the fundamentals of programming in Swift 3.0, the programming language released by Apple in 2014 and open sourced late last year. It has become the most popular language in the world, and is crucial to learn for iOS, MacOS, TvOS and WatchOS app development in the future.

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This series will be over 5-6 videos and will cover Swift Programming, Introduction to Xcode, and then I will help you build your first iPhone application using everything we learnt.

If you want to check out the Swift project you can check out: https://www.swift.org

The code written in this video is available for you to view here: https://gist.github.com/dylankbuckley/47b4a604e4b40925db6645d2c0f5a59c

I am on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dylankbuckley



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