KOMPANIONS | Coding for kids – Teach your kid how to code?

SPROUT is the world’s first 3D learning platform that builds key skills such as plausible reasoning, creativity, sequencing & logic, algorithmic and a structured approach towards problem-solving, fluid & crystallized intelligence and also helps improves language proficiency whilst fostering programming skills in young learners.
SPROUT Programming is the world’s first 3D learning platform that is fun to use, extremely engaging and enriching for young programmers/coders aspiring to build technical skills
Unlike the available coding/programming courses, SPROUT has been scientifically mapped to the particular grade that a learner is currently studying in and has also been aligned to the level of mathematical, scientific & language prowess that a learner has acquired till date, with age. Thus building on what the learner is already aware of and uses the very same foundation to build higher order & skills for future in young learners. We can say that Coding for kids is basically its Making fun For Kids online, Kids can Start Computer Coding/Programming at early as age 5 and can also start learning online visual interfaces coding through this SPROUT Programming. Through Sprout programming kids also learn to code for online games and its very easy way for kids to improve themselves at an early age.



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