Kano Kit Review: Coding for Kids

In this Kano kit review video I take a look at the components of the kit and also the operating system. The kit offers coding for kids in a way that makes a lot of concepts easy to understand that anyone will be able to pick them up.

Full Review: http://pimylifeup.com/kano-kit-review/

There are many things that the Kano kit does right and some that could be better and I will just briefly mention them on here.

The packaging and the contents of the kit are of good quality. The Pi case is not the best looking but does coming with a speaker so you can play sound without needing any extra equipment.

The speaker in the kit leaves you just wanting more. It is perfect if you want something nice and compact and don’t worry too much about the overall quality.

The keyboard whilst is nice and really good quality is a pure wireless keyboard. This means you can only run it wirelessly, there is a USB charging cord you can use but it is pretty short and may get annoying.

The operating system is cool and attractive, it offers many applications that a kid will be able to learn about programing. Making it a great way for them to start learning the basic fundamentals of coding. There are many coding for kids applications such as a take on Minecraft, a music player and much more.

The operating system does appear to have a few bugs still and might subtract from the overall experience. I was using the Raspberry Pi B+ in this review however the kit now comes with a Raspberry Pi 2 meaning you will have much better performance than I did.

Coding for kids applications are often hard to come by but the Kano kit has managed to get these all together in one place.
I hope you have enjoyed this kano kit review and have help you decide whether this kit is for you or your kids.



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