Josh – Laravel 5.1 Admin Template + Front End + CRUD – Walk through pt2

Installation of Josh-Laravel 5.1 included Admin Template + Front End + CRUD pt2

// Set to show all hidden files
1. Extract and copy all files to site folder
2. Copy new site folder to your virtualhost folder
3. Create new database
4. In terminal type: composer install
5. cp .env.example .env
6. php artisan key:generate
// Modify .env with your database login details
7. php artisan migrate
8. php artisan db:seed
// Open config/mail.php and scroll to bottom & set ‘pretend’ = true,
9. php artisan crud:gen book –fields=”title:string,author:string,description:text”
// Change site folder permissions to “read & write”
password: admin



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