Joomla! World Conference 2013 – Friday Afternoon Keynote

The Joomla! World Conference returns for the second consecutive year, bringing together the worldwide Joomla! Community for three days of learning, connecting, and sharing.

Join us November 8-10 at Harvard University as we bring the brightest Joomla! minds together to share their experiences, connect with others in the community, and learn more about Joomla! and the community.

Live Long and Prosper: 10 Business Tips from Star Trek
Rod Martin

In this informative and humorous talk, Rod shares his top ten tips for running a Joomla! business that we learn from Star Trek. From some of the great one liners by McCoy to the sci-fi spectacular that is the current generation of movies, there’s always something to learn from the 23rd and 24th centuries!

Rod’s Bio:



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