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As technology becomes ever more pervasive, the people who actually create it have an increasingly influential impact on our lives. Their ability to code allows them to mold our interactions with computers, and define what services computers bring to us. In essence, coders have become the gatekeepers of how our culture uses technology. Because of this, many people now preach that everyone should learn how to code, saying that knowledge of programming languages is akin to reading & writing. But is it reasonable to assume that everyone will learn how to code? And what are the repercussions if we continue to have coding and non-coding classes?

Evan Korth, NYU
Adda Birnir, Skillcrush
Chrys Wu, Journalist
Edd Dumbill,

1) “Moving Forward” by CMA Music –
2) “For You” by I am Xan –
3) “Strings for a Queen” by Xan –
4) “Anger” – Prose –
5) “Vanilla Dawn” by Ashot Danielyan –
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