I Tried Making a 3D Game in JavaScript

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In this project I tried to build a little a 3d game in JavaScript out of mostly older tutorial code. I took code from the previous boids and 3d world generation projects, bolted on some free assets from Sketchfab and put together some quick gameplay. It wasn’t that difficult and could serve as a nice jumping off point for someone else looking to make a similar game.

Just treat this as a jumping off point for your own projects, there’s lots of improvements you could make here, adding more weaponry and ship types, customizations, enemies, etc. But this can help you understand how to use Three.js to get started, load a few models, and get the basic bones of a 3d space shooting game underway.

Full source code for the project is available, so if you’re interested in fiddling with the code, screwing around with it, or improving it.



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