HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP , Jquery, Ajax website design (E.commerce) Part 1

Younes RM


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Description about Younes RM channel: I am 18 years old from Iran living in United Kingdom. I am coding from 2010 and i have become one of the professional developers in my country. just knowing how to code will not be enough to be a good developer. I’m here to share how to develop your idea and create great stuff with them. there are so many youtube channel here that you can use to code but they are all basic and will not tell you to what to do after you know how to code. well come here and join me because then you will be like me by knowing how to develop using all coding languages in one website and develop something like facebook and youtube. here you can learn how to use HTML, JQuary, PHP, AJAX, CSS, Sass, API, JAVASCRIPT and all of the coding languages that does exist becuase we are here to learn the pro not the basic so we will start by creating a social networking application and then moving to creating CMS and templates. Follow me Our Gaming Channel:



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