HRMS Advance Reports using PHP Codeigniter – Installation and Design

This video tutorial series will provide you a complete solution for your PHP MVC Framework Codeigniter and HTML, CSS Framework Bootstrap.
This series gives you an in depth and complete knowledge of few of the concepts of MVC Framework Codeigniter.
This project is design to meet few of the important concepts of Human Resource Management System, which will surely help you to learn Codeigniter better and with faster pace.
Here I have covered a detailed explanation on concepts such as,
1- Login Functionality
2 – Creating Employees.
3 – Displaying Employees.
4 – Creating users dashboard.
5 – Creating employees dashboard.
6 – Session Handling.
7 – Employees Personal Details.
8 –Employees Contact Details.
9 – Employees Qualification Details.
10 – Login and Logout Functionality.
11 – URL Routing.
12 – Deleting single or multiple Records at once.
13 – Search functionality.
14 – Image Upload functionality.



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