How To Use HTML 5 Or Any Other Template On Blogger ?

Learn how to use any template on blogger.In this video I have used a HTML 5 website’s source code.This trick will help you make a beautiful landing page for your different sites.You can also use this trick to create a one page website with blogger or to create an online portfolio.This trick CAN’T be used for regular blogging

script type="text/javascript" src="">

In order to use any template on blogger simply go the site or demo page of the template and copy the source code of the webpage ( View source:Ctrl + U ).Then edit the source code in any html editors to replace the text and links. is a good online Html editor.
In this video I have used the source code of
Note:The source of any site is not it’s actual template.You can’t directly use the template of HTML 5 sites because the template is a zip file.
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