How to Upload HTML CSS based Static Website to Online Server using Cpanel and File Manager

Upload your website to Online Server is very easy. In this video I will show you how you can put your basic HTML CSS based Website on Internet to make your website Live.

You can do this process after buy domain name and web hosting. When you connect or link your Domain to hosting then you will get Cpanel from your hosting Provider.

I will also show you How to use Cpanel to publish a website to Online Server. In this video tutorial I am using a Godaddy Server, but procedure is almost same for other Servers also.

You can easily upload all of your website files, web pages and folders on webhost to make your website live using Cpanel and File Manager.

This Video Series contains following Content.
1. How to buy/Purchase Domain Name from Godaddy
2. How to buy/Get Web Hosting from Godaddy
3. How to Connect Domain and Hosting
4. How to Upload a Static Website on online Server of Godaddy
5. How to Publish a Dynamic Website on Online Server

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