How To Start A Blog Using WordPress ★ Step by Step ★

How To Start A Blog on WordPress (Self Hosted) Step by Step…
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This video will show you how to start a blog using WordPress in less than 2 hours, step by step!

I cover everything from registering a domain name, to adding content to your new WordPress blog”
Step by Step!

I will cover the following in this video –

1. Signing up for Hosting and a domain name with
2. Installing WordPress on your new hosting account
3. Logging Into WordPress and changing your password
4. Installing a new Theme (Tracks Theme)
5. Changing The Site Title
6. Adding Social Media Buttons
7. Adding Sharing Buttons
8. Creating Different Types of Posts and Pages
9. Installing A Contact Form
10. Creating A Custom Menu
11. Adding WWW. To your Domain Name

There will be a few other bits and pieces in the video that I have not mentioned here, but these are the main steps required to start our new blog!

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