How to: SetUp Sublimelinter-php in windows


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sublimelinter clang,
sublimelinter cppcheck,
sublimelinter flake8,
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sublime 2 php plugins
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sublime 2 php syntax checker
sublime 2 phpcs
sublime 2 phpunit
sublime 3 php
sublime 3 php autocomplete
sublime 3 php beautifier
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sublime 3 php color scheme
sublime 3 php format
sublime 3 php formatter
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sublime 3 phpdoc
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sublime php plugins
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sublimelinter 3 javascript
sublimelinter 3 not working
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sublimelinter 3 php
sublimelinter 3 php not working
sublimelinter 3 python
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sublimelinter 3.8.0
sublimelinter csslint
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sublimelinter flake8
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sublimelinter jshint
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sublimelinter php
sublimelinter php 5.4
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sublimelinter ruby 1.9
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sublimelinter windows 7
sublimelinter windows 8
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sublime linter python
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sublimelinter es6
sublimelinter es6 eslint
sublimelinter html
sublimelinter jshint
sublimelinter not working
sublimelinter regex ignore_match
sublimelinter settings
sublimelinter sql



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