How to setup CRON in laravel 5?

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How to setup CRON in laravel 5?

Easy way to setup a CRON in laravel 5.
please folow these steps to set up cron/scheduler

1 – goto terminal/cmd and type the following command

php artisan make:console emailuser

2 – Now goto your project directory following path
app/console/Commands you will see the new class has been created with your given name.

3- Now goto the following path
and add the following command into the $command array.

4 – now add your signature in the schedule array in kernel.php
Signature: signature is use to run your command.
5 – now goto the terminal/cmd and run the php artisan command to check if your command is registered or not.
as you can see our command signature email:user is registered
it means we can run the command.
6 – Now goto your command class app/Console/Commands/emailUser.php

and put some piece of code in the handle function

handle: handle is responsible for taking the request and perform the action, whatever you will write in this function it will call when our email:user command will run.

so, for the testing purpose just echo some text inside the function.

Our Scheduler is set up now, to test just goto your terminal/cmd and write your command name with php artisan

i.e php artisan email:user, now let’s see in action.
if. you are seeing the output

My Cron is running…

which we have added in the handle action, then

you are done here 🙂

Thanks! for watching…

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next lesson we will learn how to setup cron from the server in laravel 5.2

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