How to Send Push Notifications from Your WordPress Site

On this video you will learn how to send push notification from your WordPress or any other website. We use WordPress because it is by far the most popular CMS out there but push notification can be enabled on any platform using OneSignal.

We decided to use OneSignal for Colorlib as well as this tutorials because this service is free to use for everyone. There are some restrictions in the free version but for most users free is all they need. Ever for a large website like Colorlib we still stick to the free one.

OneSignal offers a WordPress plugin to add script that will generate notification subscribers. It works on Chrome, Safari, Android, iOS, Mac and many other platforms. Once you have made subscribers you can start sending notifications via WordPress dashboard or by visiting OneSignal admin panel.

While push notifications is a great way to notify your users, make sure not to overdo it as they will quickly lose their effectivity.



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