HOW TO NAE NAE | Dance TUTORIAL ft The Iconic Boyz (Hip Hop Moves)

How To NAE NAE Dance Video!! In this dance tutorial Iconic Dance Crew will teach you the #NaeNae step-by-step.
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Directed, Filmed & Edited by: Matt Steffanina

Dancers: Julian Deguzman @juliandeguz13
Nick Rubiano @rubianonickr
John D’Onofrio @JADONOF221
Thomas Miceli @ThomasTMoney
Jericho Lopez @JerichoLopez
Tristan Rubiano @tristanrubiano
Gianna Marretta @gianna_marretta
Alexis Hargrave @Alexis_Hargrave
Brittany Joseph @BrittanyJosephh
Mikayla Sottile @mikaylalynn2001

Special Thanks to Geo (@HipHopGeo), Icon Dance Complex (@IconDance), Iconic Dance Crew, The Iconic Boyz, The Iconic Girlz

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