How to Make a WordPress Website with the Avada Theme v. 4 and Website Design Tutorial

Learn how to create a website using a website builder. In this video learn step by step how to build your own website using the Avada website builder and WordPress. I’ll show you everything you need to know to get started. This video is sponsored by the links below and it’ll show you how to do everything on your website from picking a hosting company to setting up and configuring your theme.

Links we’re going to use to make your website:

Sign up for wordpress website hosting with SiteGround:

Get the Website Builder Avada for WordPress:

Table of contents

Install WordPress: 6:00

How to install the Avada Theme: 11:05

How to configure the Avada Theme: 14:57
Change the logo: 15:15
Change the Main Colors in the Theme: 16:10
Change the Button Colors: 17:45
Change the Typography or Font in the Avada Theme: 20:05
Remove the Title bar: 22:30

Start Building your Website add a home page: 23:30
Add a Full Width Header image using a slider: 26:30
Make the menu transparent: 33:30
Using the Avada Webpage Builder: 34:00
Adding a background to a page section: 41:20
Multiple sections with full width backgrounds: 49:00
Modify the Footer and copyright area: 54:00
Setting up your website menu: 59:30

Written Instructions

How To Make A Website With The Avada Theme



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