How To Make A WordPress Website – Step By Step Tutorial

How To Make A Website Using WordPress
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This video will show you the steps needed to make a fully functional and professional looking website from scratch without the need to know any html coding or design skills. This is a super easy to follow video so even a complete beginner will be able to create an AMAZING website in around an hour!

We will be building this website on WordPress and using Hostgator to host it.

WordPress is the same platform used by fortune 500 companies, Forbes and even J Z and Katy Perry, so you know that your website is going to look AMAZING and act professional!

Hostgator are also a great company, and with them hosting over 9 MILLION domains to date you know they must be doing something right AND their customer service is something else – They have 24/7 live chat, so even if you have a problem at 3am, your covered!

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[Main Steps Covered in This Tutorial]

Registering for WebHosting (with HostGator)
Setting up a Domain Name (with HostGator)

Link to HostGator:
Enter Coupon Code: WORDPRESS1HOST (1st month for 1 penny)

Installing WordPress (using CPanel)
Installing Different WordPress Theme (Twenty Thirteen Theme)
Adding Different Pages (with text, images, titles etc)
Creating A Custom Menu
Embedding Videos from YouTube
Adding A Contact Form (using Contact Form 7 Plugin)
Changing The Main Header Image
Editing The “Footer Text”

There will also be a few other bits and pieces covered in the tutorial as well, but the steps above are the MAIN ones needed to make a website using WordPress!

Thank-You for watching my video tutorial, I hope you have found it helpful and more importantly that you learnt how to make a website with WordPress!

If you have any questions (or just want to tell me I’m doing a great job! Haha) feel free to leave a comment below, I read and reply to every one

And remember that WordPress is so much more fun when we build it TOGETHER!

Until Next Time,

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I changed the video name from: How To Make A Website 2014 |Step by Step| Build A Website With WordPress 2014
To: How To Make A Website Using WordPress – Step By Step Tutorial
This was due to the fact of it now being 2015.

Please Note: This video is still 100% in date and relevant, this was just a beginners mistake I made when uploading my video (adding the year).



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