How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | For Beginners

Making a website has never been easier! In this video I show you step by step how it is done using free tools like WordPress, Elementor, the Astra theme, free stock images and free plugins. Putting in practise what I will teach you in this tutorial enables you to make an amazing website and even enables you to start making websites for a living.

The example website:

Overview with timestamps:
00:00:16 Overview of the tutorial
00:01:40 The 4 action we need to take
00:02:07 What is webhosting and a domain name
00:02:56 Get a domain name and webhosting
00:08:03 Install WordPress
00:09:30 Overview of the front and backend
00:10:56 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
00:11:55 Change your display name publicity
00:12:56 Create A Title For Your Website
00:15:30 Optimise Your Permalinks

00:16:04 Add Pages To Your Website
00:18:54 Configure The Menu
00:23:01 Introduction to WordPress Themes

00:24:12 Get The Astra Theme
00:25:59 Get The Elementor Page Builder

00:27:21 Configure The Astra Theme
00:27:35 Download The Images I use in the Tutorial
00:27:59 Import Your Logo
00:30:27 Make Your Menu Uppercase
00:31:50 Configure The Header Layout
00:35:53 Configure The Mobile Menu
00:36:33 Change The Menu Breakpoint
00:38:54 Configure The Footer
00:41:30 Configure The Colors
00:44:39 Configure The Container

00:46:42 What To Do When Elementor Does Not Load
00:47:21 Add Editing Handles
00:48:09 Overview Of Elementor
00:55:36 Configure The Elementor Colors
00:57:23 Create The Hero Of Your Website
00:58:56 Get Free Stock Images
01:00:46 How To Optimise Images Within WordPress
01:02:10 Configure The Background
01:03:55 Add A Header
01:07:40 Create Buttons
01:10:02 Use The Inline Positioning
01:17:00 Add Animations To Your Website
01:20:49 Make The Background Fixed
01:21:31 The Icon Box Element
01:23:54 Configure The Text In Elementor
01:35:15 The Shape Divider
01:36:43 The video Element
01:38:46 Optimise Your Website For All Devices
01:44:12 Create An About Us Section
01:47:31 The Amazing Navigator
01:51:53 Create A Testimonial Section
02:01:59 Make Use Of Custom Positions: Absolute and Fixed

Elementor Templates
02:08:05 Get Free Templates For Elementor
02:13:39 Get the Contact Form 7 Plugin
02:18:23 Import A Template For Elementor

02:21:32 Create A Blogpost
02:34:46 Customize the Blogposts page
02:35:53 Configure the Sidebar Widgets
02:37:46 Get The Facebook Likebox Widget
02:39:09 Configure the Blogpage
02:41:19 Create A Blogpage Using Elementor
02:42:53 Get More Free Elements For Elementor

02:50:22 Configure The Footer Widgets
02:54:47 Customize the Footer Colors

02:55:37 Get The Portfolio Plugin
02:56:08 Create A Portfolio Item
02:59:45 Configure The Image Lightbox
02:59:45 Save Your Page As A Template
03:04:10 Create The Portfolio Page

The Homepage
03:06:21 Add Recent Blogposts To The Homepage
03:08:30 Add The Recent Portfolio Items To The Homepage
03:09:24 Wrap It Up



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