How To Enable / Disable Javascript In Firefox [NEW]

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After the firefox update, there is a different way to enable and disable javascript in Firefox. Learn how.
In Mozilla’s effort to protect users from themselves, they have taken away the option to enable and disable javascript from the options window in newer versions of the browser.
The truthnis, they didn’t really get rid of the option. They just made it slightly less user friendly to discourage users from enabling and disabling javascript. So its only users who know what they are doing can do this.
how to enable javascript in firefox
In the address bar of your browser, type about:config and press enter on your keyboard.
Click ‘I’ll be careful, I promise’
search for javascript.enabled
Right click on javascript.enebled and click toogle to set the valus to true or false.
True means javascript has been enabled while false means javascript has been disabled.

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