How To Create Login & Registration Form Using HTML CSS & JavaScript

How To Create Login & Registration Form Using HTML CSS & JavaScript

In this tutorial you will learn how to create login page and registration page using html and css. I will show you to create transparent login from and registration form design in HTML & CSS. I will also use JavaScript and jQuery so that login form and registration form will display on same page.

Steps for Login & Registration form Design using HTML & CSS

1. Create HTML and CSS file 0:39
2. Link CSS file with HTML 1:33
3. Write HTML code for Registration form 2:05
4. Add background image using html and css 3:55
5. Write CSS for login page Design 5:27
6. Create CSS for Login button design
7. Create Transparent login page or login form 9:30
8. Create login Form 11:22
9. write code for hover effect in HTML & CSS 13:18
10. Hide login or registration form 15:00
11. link jQuery with HTML

jQuery link

12. Add JavaScript in HTML to toggle between Login form and Registration form.

Now you login and registration form design has been completed

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