How to Create a PayPal Account in India

Learn how to create a new PayPal a/c in India. To see the full version, visit:

Having a paypal a/c will help you receive payments online.

PLEASE NOTE: Making payments with PayPal using a debit/credit card is not covered in this video.

If you earn money online from India, companies in other countries cannot directly send funds to your bank. So they use paypal to do this. When money reaches your paypal account first, then it will be credited to your bank.

Please be ready with the following two things before you start:
1. Your PAN card
2. a Bank account (which has the same name as PAN card)
Learn how to apply for PAN by visiting this link:

There is no age limit for PAN, so you can apply even if you’re a minor.

PART I: Opening a New PayPal account

Create a new account by going to and click the sign up button.
Then, click the ‘Get Started’ button for individuals.

Fill up the form.

Enter your first & last name same as it appears on your PAN card. It must match your name on your bank a/c.
(Note: If your bank account name only has initials, enter your full name in paypal.)

Remember to uncheck debit/credit card and click ‘create account’

Enter the hidden code shown in the image and click continue.

Click on ‘Skip’ and go to your account.

Great! You have created your paypal a/c.

The next step is to verify it, which helps you receive payments.

For verifying your paypal a/c, you need to do some tasks.

1. Add PAN
Submit your PAN details.

2. Go to the task board and click the next step.
Login to your email inbox and click the activation link.

3. Enter password, and select security Q & A.

4.Click submit.

5. Go to the task board.

6. Click the ‘start’ button near ‘Provide Purpose code’.

7. Select the purpose code based on the kind of work you do and click save.

8. Go to task board again & click start.

9. Type your bank info.

(If you already know your IFSC code, simply enter it. If not, click no and type your bank name & select your branch location.

Click review and submit

After you do this, paypal will send you two small amounts in your bank a/c.

You must wait for 2 to 3 days & then check your monthly statements, using your preferred method.

After you see the amounts in your bank statement, go to paypal and in the profile menu, click “Edit Bank Account” & click confirm.

Just type the same amounts which was shown in the bank statement.

Congratulations! You now have a verified paypal a/c you can use to receive payments from all over the world.

Now, whenever money is sent to your paypal account, it will be sent to your bank a/c directly.



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